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Preamble to the Charter of the Foundation


In the Preamble to the Charter of the Foundation, the two founders explain the reasons and conceptual basis that inspired them to create an environmental foundation. Below are some of the central passages from the Preamble to the Charter:



"The founders express their concern about the future of the Earth. By exploiting the Earth, leaving a trail of our refuse, exposing countless plant and animal species to their demise, and being the cause of climate change and environmental catastrophes, we humans are also putting ourselves in danger as well as destroying the basis of life for generations to come.


The founders take these threats seriously, and wish to help preserve a world that is worth inhabiting in order to enable humans and their environment to coexist peacefully as equals, as well as to ensure the well-being of all those who live on this planet. They believe that both animate and inanimate forms of nature have a right to existence and continued development, and that these are therefore to be esteemed and protected.


The founders see evidence of a paradigmatic shift that will redefine the existing relationship between humans and nature. Just as the Copernican Revolution and the spread of Darwinist teachings both reassigned the position that human beings hold in our world, today we stand once more before the challenge of redefining our role within this entirety.


Up until now, Westerners have believed themselves to be lords of the Earth and have thus considered themselves entitled to subjugate and exploit other creatures at will. As part of this attitude-changing process, we must recognise that we are not separate entities but rather one single part of nature and of this complex ecological system: we are reliant on the surrounding environment and we cannot survive without it. Rather than objectifying and dominating nature, we must cultivate attitudes of continued care and nurture. The founders believe that humans, animals and plants are all equal, co-dependent members of one family of living creatures. At the same time, however, humans do have a particular responsibility towards creation, and especially towards those members weaker than ourselves."