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Sponsorship Activities


The foundation aims to help protect the environment, nature, and landscapes. This aim is achieved, in accordance with the charter, through the foundation's own projects as well as by supporting the work of third parties in the following areas:


  • environmental and environmental-education projects for both children and adults, which reshape perspectives, demonstrate ways in which we can live in harmony with the environment, and lead the way towards increased ethical activity;
  • supporting economic models and action-based approaches which take into account the interdependencies that link humans to developing technology and the ecosystem, with the aim of promoting a sustainable economy;
  • climate protection;
  • water conservation;
  • protection of species and habitats;
  • landscape-restoration measures.


The Selbach Environmental Foundation organises lectures, conferences and workshops on the topics listed above, often working in cooperation with other institutions. The foundation's regional work focusses on supporting environmental and nature-based projects in and around Munich and Southern Germany, while also acting trans-regionally in exceptional cases.


The foundation promotes the projects of third parties and also works increasingly on its own independent projects or in close cooperation with project partners. No promotion of scholarships of any kind is currently envisaged. Fees for publication are generally only provided for those publications related to projects at the foundation.